Closer to the center than I'd thought

Published on December 25 2005

Political Compass While farting around on the computer this am, I surfed into a site I've seen before. I've taken this little test in the past, and decided to take it again, just to see if the score is even remotely the same as previous scores. I used to sit out there somewhere around Ghandi, if I remember right. Yeah, yeah, I know. This is what my "political compass" looks like these days....and my score? Economic Left/Right: 0.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.38 How boring. I'm so close to center I don't even think I could have a good argument with MYSELF.

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Yes, my family agrees that I need to become a bit <i>more</i> authoritarian, too.<br /> <br /> /:)
Libertarian leaning....ugh. Need to work on you a bit more to move that on up into the Authoritarian field.