The Vikings still suck, lol

Published on December 9 2005

After the Shame, Vikings Pursue Virtue in Victory - New York Times
Minnesota's loyalty has been tested many times before. Starting in the mid-1980's, the Vikings began cultivating their renegade image as the Raiders of the N.F.C. In one five-year period, nine players were arrested for drunk driving. This region known for its long winters and heartland values became numb to assault charges and sex scandals. Trading Randy Moss last off-season was supposed to rid the organization of embarrassment, but the controversies became more colorful and harder to stomach. When tailback Onterrio Smith was caught in an airport with a drug-masking device - famously called The Original Whizzinator - he spawned enough jokes to fill late-night talk shows. Those quips were soon enriched, of course, by any and all references to Viking ships. "Because we have been so humbled, because we have heard so many bad things about ourselves, you know our heads won't ever get big again," safety Corey Chavous said.

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