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Published on September 30 2009

wpid5407-mirrors.jpg Colors are turning golden here, with splashes of red and orange. We had our first hard freeze last night, down into the 20's F. It's too early for this, but we often have our first snow around this time of year. Time to put away the shorts and flipflops, and start hunting down the flannels and wool socks. Finished the latest class a few days ago, and the final paper was enough to pull my solid "B" up to an "A-minus". I'll take it, without complaint. Seems the closer I get to the goal of finishing a degree, the tougher it is to put all of the reading together and make sense of it. Or maybe it's just old age. I need to get busy and *finish* this thing before my CRS completely takes over. Picture taken a week or so ago during what we locals affectionately refer to as "Noisy Weekend". The color is just perfect.

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