Published on September 26 2009

“I am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethro' Gleams that untravell'd world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move” ~~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
Taken in Janesville, WI summer 2008. This archway once graced the front door of the offices of the Parker Pen Co., if I remember correctly. There's a little video showing pen production here where you can see the arch in the first few frames. Since I'm a collector of old fountain pens (ahem), I just *had* to get a shot of this. Even if the jewels of my collection are my Pelikans and my hard rubber Waterman Woodgrain, I can still appreciate a Parker, since I also have a few 51s, a couple of Duofolds, and several Vacumatics. Yes. I know. I just completely utterly without-a-doubt geeked out on y'all. This arch was once an icon of Wisconsin industry, until Parker moved headquarters to England in the 1980's, and production ended there. The last remaining tie to a company that once employed over one thousand people at the Janesville plant was announced last month. The gate is now an entry into a garden quite often used for weddings. So endeth today's History Lesson.

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