Vacation's End

Published on August 3 2009

Ok, folks, it's been a nice little vacation/hiatus for the last few weeks.... plenty of fun in the sun and laying on the beach in my bikini working on my tan. Well, maybe not that last part, but it's been a good break. Now.... it's back to SCHOOL!! Checking the "degree path" tells me that I have roughly 21 credits to go, so that puts me into Senior standing. Yay! Oddly enough, I am nearly finished with my core classes on this degree path (except for the senior thesis requirement), meaning I will wind up taking a lot of lower-level elective classes to finish this up. In honor of that, today's class is another 400-level: IRLS463 Arab-Israeli Conflict: Contemporary Politics & Diplomacy. The two-paper requirement, one from an Israeli POV and the other from the Palestinian POV, should keep me out of trouble for the next month or so. panic

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