Still Alive

Published on June 11 2009

Since there seems to be a slight dearth of posting around here lately, I think I'll go and see if I can completely screw up the blog over the next day or so. It's about time I UPGRADE!! In the meantime, I've been screwing up working on the photoblog. Nothing too fancy, just that I've learned a few things about some of this Mac software, and I wanna play. There may also be some changes going on a la Casa Madm.... but more on that later. Not to mention, news these days ticks me off so badly that I can barely read it, let alone write about it! Anybody else need an upgrade while I'm at it?

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well, If you havent noticed, I havent rung in on any of your posts lately. I have had to take a sabatical from politics before I blow a gasket. The outrageous socialist roller coaster we are on right now alone is enough to make Mr. Rogers break out in a rant of profanity. I have had to take a siesta from the news, TV and talk radio just to get my BP under control. I’ll jump back in again once I have regrouped. I have been tempted to post on your blog, but I am little less tactful than you and I would likely offend any Libs lurking about. Then again maybe I should post…..