Another poorly-chosen photo op

Published on May 10 2009

Just how poorly are things going for Mr. Brown? His popularity has fallen further and faster than any prime minister since reliable polling became available nearly 80 years ago. Just six weeks ago, the G-20 summit in London provided him the opportunity to play the role of effective economic crisis manager. But since the event, he's had to fire a close adviser, Damian McBride, when the press discovered that Mr. McBride had attempted to smear various members of the opposition with salacious falsehoods. Mr. Brown's annual budget drew an avalanche of criticism because it raises the income tax rate for top earners to 50%. He thus broke the Labour Party's pledge not to raise income taxes. He's also losing control of his parliamentary majority. On the foreign-policy side, Mr. Brown drew surprisingly little attention at home for his visit last week to Afghanistan and Pakistan. He won faint domestic praise for the final British pull-out from Basra in southern Iraq. In fact, pressure is now growing in London for a 9/11-style commission to study how and why British troops were sent to Iraq in the first place. Cameras and microphones now trail Labour Party heavyweights in hopes of capturing a major public blow against what's left of Mr. Brown's authority. And polls show that Labour now trails the Conservative Party by 15 to 20 percentage points.
via Gordon Brown's Free Fall - But then, pics like these probably don't help Brown's cause much... Politicians really shouldn't get their picture taken in front of a Nazi flag. Especially not..... smiling. brownswastika

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