Make mine Pecan

Published on March 14 2009

Piece of the Pi And finally, have some pie on Saturday, March 14, says Congress. The House voted to acknowledge 3/14 on the calendar as "Pie Day." But instead of the sweet treat, it is an ode to the Greek letter symbolizing the math constant that never really ends — but rounds out to 3.14. Excited Congressman, Rep. Brian Baird, gushed to Politico: "I'm kind of geeked up about it." But Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha admitted being a little confused — "We were never good at math in my family. I thought I was voting for P-I-E."
via - Another Potential Legal Problem for a Key Obama Administration Figure - Special Report w/ Bret Baier.

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One of my coworkers mentioned this to me. He was furious. Of all the terrible things going on in our government right now, all these guys can do is come up with this rediculuos resolution? It's hard to believe we are actually paying them to do this. Pi=3.14159 unles you are a politician, then it equals $ 174,000 a year. Where do I sign up for office?