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Published on October 1 2005

Ah, '92....That was such a fun season to watch. At that time, we were dealing with the worry of problems with my pregnancy with #2 daughter, knowing that she would be a premature baby. As scared about the whole situation as I was, I was trying so hard to not worry about all of the what-might-happens and one of the things I did was watch a lot of football. I'll never forget bouncing (gently) up and down on the sofa, yelling along to the TV "Who IS this guy? How did he get away with that?!?!?!? Did you SEE that pass????!!!" and feeling that maybe, just maybe, the Pack might do it this year...... And yes, Shannon was just fine.. A star is born Replaced
It was Aug. 5, 1992. At that point, Favre was coming off a lousy rookie season in Atlanta and had done nothing to demonstrate he was any better than the Packers' Don Majkowski, Mike Tomczak or Ty Detmer. The 22-year-old Favre sat in reflection as the names of some of the great quarterbacks in the National Football League - Dan Marino, John Elway, Troy Aikman and Jeff George - were cited for his consideration. Surely, he was asked, you lack the pure physical talent needed to be included with that crowd, don't you? "I can be," Favre said, and when his startled interviewer looked up, Favre didn't change his impassive expression. "I can do anything they can do. There's nobody in the league that I look at in awe. I just haven't proven it yet." Less than five months later, Favre would be voted to the NFC Pro Bowl team alongside Steve Young and Aikman.

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But...he MUST be a great QB--he *has* played for just about every team in the league!! They all wanted him! Even the *^%$%$BEARS!

And don't call me Shirley.
Jeff George? One of the "great quarterbacks of the National Football League"? Shirley, you jest! He wasn't then and never would be. Guy's a moron.