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Published on August 7 2005

Great ride today! I decided this was the weekend to do the entire Bearskin/ Hiawatha trail trip. The two trails aren't connected yet, so it means riding on a state highway for a mile or so, but that wasn't too bad. Ken dropped me off up near Minocqua, near the northern end of the trail. Three hours later, I made it home, with a total of 28.7 miles on my odometer. Man, I'm tired. I think every muscle in my body has cramped up in the last hour or so, and I can't wait to hear the protesting when I try to get out of bed tomorrow!! I keep thinking that a few months ago, I was wondering if I'd ever get up and down a flight of STAIRS again, so I feel like I accomplished something small today. I did stop to guzzle water a couple of times on the trip. One of the stops was near a plaque, which told the story of the logging train that fell into the marsh on the right side of the old trestle/ trail. There wasn't a date given, but the photo on the plaque looked to be turn of the century. According to the plaque, the locomotive and three cars derailed and fell into the bog--and started sinking. Two huge cranes were brought in to try to hoist the train out of the marsh. Everything was going well until one of the cranes tipped, and fell into the marsh with the locomotive. The effort was abandoned after that, and the locomotive, cars, and crane slowly sank into the marsh, settling about twenty feet down in the muck. I thought I'd be able to google more information than what was on the plaque, but I haven't been able to find anything yet. Maybe I'll take a pic of the plaque next time I ride up there. buried train

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