PACE pressrelease "Kerry represents the

Published on February 12 2004

PACE pressrelease "Kerry represents the Democrats' best chance to defeat George W. Bush in this year's election. Nearly 2.6 million manufacturing jobs have been lost during the Bush presidency. Last year, PACE lost 7,040 members due to plant closings."

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(Generic response): And how is Kerry going to get those 7,040 people re-employed? Create government jobs for them? Why were the plants closed? Inefficiency? Excess workers? A declining market? Does management have anything to do with how the business is run? Is it an employee-owned business? If so, why were these plants closed if it were up to the employees to determine the end result? Is it tyhe government's job to get these people employed? Where in teh Constitution does it state that it is the government's job to find jobs for these people? I thought it said "The pursuit of happiness" not "The guarantee of happiness". Why blame Bush? This past recession began months before Bush took office, a result of the dot-com bubble burst. Plus I don't think it matters WHO was President when 9/11 happened, which contributed to an overall decline in economic fortunes for a long time. NAFTA? Kerry voted *FOR* NAFTA! Free trade? Kerry provides little more than platitudes towards free trade, claiming that any free trade agreement must contain "strong labor and environmental standards". What the hell does THAT mean and how will that create 7,040 jobs for those people? I know insisting on US labor standards for foreign goods imported is a big thing for the Dems - it is funny how they don't want US foreign policy exported to Iraq but they DO want US labor standards forced on other countries (i.e. we won't trade with you unless you improve your worker's rights - regardless if your culture is nothing like the US). I don't think I am a fan of PACE even though their recording secretary is a cool chick. :)