One can only HOPE

Published on January 26 2004

Experts See End to Computer 'Spam' by 2006 What am I going to do when I can no longer get friendly, mis-spelled, virus-laden emails offering me the chance to increase my a: Virility (hmmmmm....scary thought.....) b: Credit rating and mortgage refinancing options ( Just what I need-more credit!!) c: Bust size ( I am REALLY gonna miss this one!) d: Number of new friends who are willing to do anything on cam e: Video collection of Paris Hilton and/or Britney Spears, apparently doing item d: f: Effusive thanks from deported, impoverished Nigerian royal refugees g: Confusion due to trying to decide between a hair removal or a hair regrowth product ??????? And just where did all these people get the idea that I live in Menagha, Minnesota???

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