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Published on April 4 2005

Asymmetrical Information: A really, really, really long post about gay marriage that does not, in the end, support one side or the other
My only request is that people try to be a leeetle more humble about their ability to imagine the subtle results of big policy changes. The argument that gay marriage will not change the institution of marriage because you can't imagine it changing your personal reaction is pretty arrogant. It imagines, first of all, that your behavior is a guide for the behavior of everyone else in society, when in fact, as you may have noticed, all sorts of different people react to all sorts of different things in all sorts of different ways, which is why we have to have elections and stuff. And second, the unwavering belief that the only reason that marriage, always and everywhere, is a male-female institution (I exclude rare ritual behaviors), is just some sort of bizarre historical coincidence, and that you know better, needs examining. If you think you know why marriage is male-female, and why that's either outdated because of all the ways in which reproduction has lately changed, or was a bad reason to start with, then you are in a good place to advocate reform. If you think that marriage is just that way because our ancestors were all a bunch of repressed bastards with dark Freudian complexes that made them homophobic bigots, I'm a little leery of letting you muck around with it.
This is a great post from Jane Galt; definitely some things to think about in here. She really counters the "argument" I've always put up for gay marriage, and certainly gave me some things to consider. It's a long post, but WELL worth taking the time to read. Trying out this trackback thing as well--sure hope I'm doing this right, and not just causing some sort of incredible load on someone's server. I've read the instructions on it enough times, and the proper etiquette--but we'll see, I guess. :-))

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