Published on April 1 2005

ThinkGeek :: iCopulate
It's not easy being single. At ThinkGeek we believe everyone deserves a little lovin'... Geeks can't survive on technology and BAWLS® alone. But how about your iPod®? It's sleek and sexy, but has probably never had a date. If you looked half as good as your smooth glossy white pod, you'd have to beat folks off with a stick. It's almost unfair. Features of the iCopulate™ include: * Unique, ribbed, Latex sleeve surrounding embedded electronics for enhanced iPod® safety and increased user comfort * Includes one 8oz tube of non-toxic strawberry scented iLube™
If only it were true......dontcha just love April Fools' Day?? Updated later: Anyone else notice a theme here with me and this Ipod stuff? Must be the Vicodin...yep, that's it...uh huh.... ;-)

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