off to meet with "important folks"

Published on January 6 2004

Just got an interesting phone call from Kevin. I, as a member of my Local's Executive Board, have been summoned to appear ( hopefully in the background!) at a press conference tomorrow with the governor of our great state of Wisconsin. Too weird, hehehehe!!! Apparently, Gov. Doyle is coming to little Tomahawk to "attaboy" my company for their environmental efforts (which they DO deserve, I have to say). And our Exec Board has been invited to attend, although we have been asked to stand, rather than take up the limited seating. This is REALLY going to be interesting. Wonder if I dare sneak my digital in there to get some pictures---or would I be wrestled to the ground after the flash goes off a couple times? I'll take it along, maybe get to post a couple. Should be an interesting afternoon, though. Now....whaddya wear to a press conference??!!

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