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Published on January 4 2009

Ok. New Years' Resolutions... I don't usually bother with these because I'm one of those people who falls off the resolution wagon by about...oh.. January 4th. But, considering that today *is* the 4th, maybe this year I'll have a better chance. So here, in no particular order of importance, are my semi-official Resolutions for 20082009. 1. Start writing the correct year before March. 2. Be a bit more regular with the Daily Pic over there on the sidebar. 3. Keep up with my schoolwork a little better, so I don't feel like I'm just trying to keep up. I'd like to feel that I'm organized enough to contribute a bit in discussion, for example. Organized thought may be beyond me, but I'd like to try it. 4. Number 4 is a secret still in-the-making right now. It may, however, turn into something important in my career future. And that's all I'm going to say about that, Forrest. 5. Travel. I *need* that. 6. is the usual be a better person, yadda yadda. That's not so much a resolution as a wall to be climbed, but so be it. How about you? Got any good resolutions? (UPDATE) 7. Clean my freaking DESK. That *should* be Number One on my list.

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