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Published on December 22 2008

After a short break from classes-- due to economic conditions beyond my control-- I am getting back at it. I can only hope that the financial help continues. One way or another, I. am. going. to. do. this.
IRLS390 Contemporary International Issues 3 Semester Hours Course Description This course is a survey of the major political, economic, and social issues affecting the global community. Students will investigate four main themes: 1. The changing nature of threats to the nation-state and the global community; 2. The emergence of new international and transnational actors that are changing the rules of the game; 3. The globalization of social, health, and population issues; and, 4. The most likely sources and locations of conflict in the world of the 21st century. (Prerequisite: IRLS210).

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This looks like it could be a very interesting course given current world events. I made the mistake of taking two courses concurrently. I was taking Macro Economics which was a great class given the current economic "crisis" or not. I finished that and now I'm trying to wrap up Business Math, which I thought would be pretty straight forward, but turns out to be a handful. Current GPA: 3.76
3.76?? That's great!! :D<br /> <br /> I know mine would be in the dumpster if I'd had to redo any of my math courses. Thankfully, the old math credits were all accepted.