A Night for Howling and other Lunacies

Published on December 12 2008

Prepare yourself for a sight tonight — not to mention some wild behavior, if the legends are true. The biggest full moon in 15 years is set to grace the Northern Hemisphere tonight. Because the moon orbits along an egg-shaped ellipse, not a circle, its distance from us changes. Today, the moon is approaching its nearest point to Earth, so it should look about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than this year's other full moons, according to NASA. Tomorrow's approach will be the closest the moon has come to Earth since 1993. On top of that, tonight's moon will become full just four hours after perigee. The next time these two events will coincide will be in 2016.
via Bewerewolves: Fullest Moon in 15 Years Tonight | Wired Science from Wired.com.

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