Oh, for Pete's Sake.....

Published on November 22 2008

Some Huffington Post posts have to be seen to believe....
Some videos you just have to see to believe. On Thursday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared in Wasilla in order to pardon a local turkey in anticipation of Thanksgiving. This proved to be a slightly absurd but ultimately unremarkable event. But what came next was positively surreal. After the pardon Palin proceeded to do an interview with a local TV station while the turkeys were being SLAUGHTERED in the background Seemingly oblivious to the gruesomeness going on over her shoulder, she carries on talking for over three minutes. Watch the video below to see for yourself. Be warned, it's kind of gruesome.
Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background VIDEO. And then the woman "who will be in charge of the Turkey" goes on to say about the horrible murder and mutilation of these poor innocent birds, these feathered fellow travelers on this journey called life:
"Certainly we'll probably invite criticism for even doing this too, but at least this was fun".
UPDATE: At least we weren't forced to watch one of these in use. Good luck, hunters!! UPDATE 2: Great site detailing the outpouring of horrified outrage at the ghoulish acts of turkey fiends.

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When I saw this video, I thought I was going to pass out laughing. I know its wrong, but it was one of those coughing, blow milk through your nose on your monitor gut wrenching laughs. Just the fact the Sarah was so unaware of what was happening and the guy in the back (Turkey Terminator) plugging along decapitating the dumb birds. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Whewww!