Well, the sun came up after all

Published on November 5 2008

Well, that's over. After an extremely long-hour shift Monday night into Tuesday afternoon, I settled exhausted on the sofa last night to watch election returns come in. I had a little college-style drinking game in mind, to take a swig every time I heard the word "historic". Luckily I decided to not follow through, or I would have been passed out cold by 6pm. With all of the polls and talk of landslides over the last couple of weeks, I've been wondering how it would go. How are the conservative/Republican/non-Obama disciples going to take this? And yeah, I'm one of them too. They say "Be careful what you wish for" and a lot of people got that last night. But how about those of us who didn't get what we wished for? Are we going to whine about voter fraud and how the election was stolen-- or in Obama's case, purchased after reneging on a campaign financing promise? Are we going to chant "selected, not elected"? Are there going to be personal comparisons of the man with Hitler or chimps (or both at the same time) the first time he forgets to walk on water, when people find out that yes, they still have to pay their mortgages? I'd like to think most of us have a little more class than some of the that. I hope. It's a new day in the same great country. Let's remember that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a last note: Was Oprah Winfrey the *only* Democrat CNN could find to interview?

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