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Published on September 11 2008

Lileks is back with a world-class screed, a true classic like only he can write. Get a cuppa java, sit back, and read while he completely skewers Canadian journalist Heather Mallick. If your stomach is feeling particularly strong this morning, you might even read her piece for the CBC. "White trash" indeed. LILEKS (James) the Bleat.
Oh, we're screedy today. It's a Canadian columnist vs. Sarah Palin; I could not resist....Now, the first of five pre-election Screeds. Might as well live up to my dreadful reputation. I don’t think that Obama meant to call Sarah Palin a pig. Many in the audience may have been heartened by the stray implication, since they already regard her as a hootenanny mama who drinks corn likker from a jug with 3 Xs and smokes a corn-cob pipe after the media leaves, but Obama was just being Folksy and Colloquial in that um-you-know style he reverts to when he’s in Authentic Mode. In short, I don’t believe a line that stupid was delivered with full knowledge of its implications. I’m in a generous mood. Or was, until I read this piece by a Canadian writer; it sums up with such delightful perfection what so many believe. So. Let’s have a look.

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