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Published on September 11 2008

Walked in the door tonight and flipped on the tube. Maybe there's a movie on for twenty minutes or so before I crash.... As I flipped through the channels, I came across the images that we all know so well, those huge clouds billowing into that blue blue sky. It turned out to be a re-broadcast in real time of the NBC feed called "9/11 As It Happened". By some weird coincidence, I turned it on at just about the exact moment I started watching 7 years ago, immediately after the second plane hit. It's no easier to watch tonight than it was then, even though this time I know the ending. I think I might be watching the tube for a little longer than twenty minutes tonight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ McCain, Obama put politics aside to mark Sept. 11 - Yahoo! News.
NEW YORK – Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama made ground zero their common ground for one rare day, free of politics and infused with memory. Putting their partisan contest on a respectful hold, they walked together Thursday into the great pit where the World Trade Center towers once stood and, as one, honored the dead from the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
For a short time between that day and this, we were one people in this country. Not Democrat or Republican, not left or right, not right or wrong. I miss that.

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