Published on September 10 2008

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Testing out a new cellphone blog posting thingie.... Yeah, I know. This is something I really *need*.

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:O :O :O<br /> <br /> Henry bleepin' <i>KISSINGER</i>!!!!!!! I have such an intellectual-international-relationy-type CRUSH on him, lol!<br /> <br /> I think cites from one or another of his books have wound up in nearly every single paper I've written the last two years!<br /> <br /> So....you washed yer hands yet?
Forget that cell phone thingy! I shook hands with Henry Kissinger today at the Pentagon! I pass him your name...told him you were a hot little number who kicks ass in international relations. He said, in that big german-tinged baritone "Sank you, Bill...I will email her"...so get ready!<br /> <br /> Well..I *did* shake hands with him! ;)