Published on September 10 2008

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Testing out a new cellphone blog posting thingie.... Yeah, I know. This is something I really *need*.

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:O :O :O

Henry bleepin' KISSINGER!!!!!!! I have such an intellectual-international-relationy-type CRUSH on him, lol!

I think cites from one or another of his books have wound up in nearly every single paper I've written the last two years!

So....you washed yer hands yet?
Forget that cell phone thingy! I shook hands with Henry Kissinger today at the Pentagon! I pass him your name...told him you were a hot little number who kicks ass in international relations. He said, in that big german-tinged baritone "Sank you, Bill...I will email her"...so get ready!

Well..I *did* shake hands with him! ;)