Instapundit must have spent all day on the pig issue

Published on September 10 2008

But it's a great roundup of reactions.
DID OBAMA MEAN TO CALL SARAH PALIN A PIG? It's probably just a slip, but . . . "The crowd apparently took the 'lipstick' line as a reference to Palin." Reader David Schlosser emails: "This will endear him to all those disaffected Hillary voters." And former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift is calling on Obama to apologize. All I can say is, some pig. UPDATE: "Lipstick on a trainwreck." Plus, Tom Spaulding: "This is a major gaffe from Obama." ANOTHER UPDATE: Marc Ambinder doesn't think Obama was talking about Palin. But reader Mark Martin emails: "This was just plain stupid on Senator Obama's part. It must be due to Karl Rove mind rays or something." -. I recall Democrat John Edwards using the same phrase when I saw him speak back in 2004. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Oh wait, maybe I should be using a different overused phrase.

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