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Published on September 9 2008

If I were advising the candidates, I’d tell them to double down on weirdness. Obama needs to occasionally criticize his own side. If he can’t take on his own party hacks, he’ll never reclaim the mantle of systemic change. Specifically, he needs to attack the snobs who are savaging Sarah Palin’s faith and family. Many liberals claim to love working-class families, but the moment they glimpse a hunter with an uneven college record, they hop on chairs and call for disinfectant. Obama needs to attack Bill Maher for calling her a stewardess and the rest of the coastal condescenders. If I were McCain, I’d make the divided government argument explicit. The Republicans are intellectually unfit to govern right now, but balancing with Democrats, they might be able to do some good. I’d have McCain tell the country that he looks forward to working with Congressional Democrats, that he is confident they can achieve great things together.
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"Republicans are intellectually unfit to govern right now"??? <br /> I'd like to know by what standard the republicans are being measured for the writer to come to this conclusion. I really wish our partisan politicians could set their huge egos aside long enough to actually help the citizens of this country. So much more could be accomplished in the name of the American people if partisanship would be placed on the back burner for a while. Instead, the politicians would rather throw stones at each other engaging in he said/she said and they get nothing of value accomplished. Just my Rant...