And so it begins

Published on August 31 2008

Thankfully, Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom is keeping score. I especially like #6.
Time to keep a running list of Sarah Palin’s sins — lovingly gathered, mostly in crazed speculative form — by members of the Church of Diversity and Otherness coddling.

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I'm not a cruiser of the Blogosphere, but I think this tidal wave of effort to slander Sarah Palin is going to backfire in the Libs faces. There are trying to destroy her by emphasizing the very things that many women identify with. She is a Mom who has a family that is not perfect. She works in a world that has been traditionally controlled by men and she doesn't take any !@#$. Her daughter is pregnant and they are dealing with it.<br /> It seems to me that the more the Libs emphasize her so called faults, the more she is identifiable with women voters. Me thinks the Media is getting a little arrogant in how ignorant they think John Q. Public really is.
There's a really good piece on "rumours" surrounding Palin at <a href="">Palin Rumors</a><br /> <br /> I got a kick out of some of the rumours I hadn't heard yet.