Things I have learned so far from watching the DNC this evening

Published on August 26 2008

1. John McCain is actually George Bush in disguise, running for a third term. 2. If you want to be President someday, never ever ever ever buy more than one house. Worse yet, don't buy it on your *wife's* nickel. (Hey, maybe *that's* what happened to John Kerry!!) UPDATE: #3. Hillary gives a very rousing speech.

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I watched - no joke - about 5 minutes of the entire thing. Most of that was Al Gore, and that was just to see how many times in a minute or two he would spew doom and despair. He didn't disappoint.
And I was so hoping the Hillary Supporters were going to out flank the Obama crew and try to put her name up for nomination. That would have been exciting to watch as the entire democratic party implodes on itself. I guess I am just asking for to much.