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Published on August 19 2008

WASHINGTON -- The 110th Congress, whose term officially ends in January, hasn't passed any spending bills or attacked high gasoline prices. But it has used its powers to celebrate watermelons and to decree the origins of the word "baseball." Barring a burst of legislative activity after Labor Day, this group of 535 men and women will have accomplished a rare feat. In two decades of record keeping, no sitting Congress has passed fewer public laws at this point in the session -- 294 so far -- than this one. As U.S. Economic Problems Loom, House, Senate Sweat the Small Stuff - WSJ.com.

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Let me see, Congressional Salary $169,300 per year. Combined 535 members total $9,057,550.00 per year. Little to nothing done to earn that pay? Priceless!

Congress = Rube Goldberg
complex device that performs simple tasks in an indirect, convoluted way. In this case, at a very high cost