What was it I was saying about British sarcasm?

Published on July 31 2008

Genital artist projects himself on buildings | Metro.co.uk Genital artist? There is such a thing???
Like every red-blooded male he has a completely out-of-proportion view of his manhood and shows off his genitals because he says building are "organs of power".
Um, yeah. Most of the red-blooded males I know don't feel the need to project themselves on Spanish Cathedrals. I'm just sayin'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And no, I'm not going to post on the explosion at work, except to say it's been a very sad couple of days here. The local papers and TV stations have enough news. Some things just aren't meant for blogs, I guess. The deaths of my coworkers, friends and relatives are one of those things.

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best wishes from california.
Thank you so much, Mike.
so very sorry to hear. my condolances to you all.