Back. *Again*.

Published on July 15 2008

Wow. When I disappear from the blog, I really disappear, eh? I just have to plead "busy". When I haven't been working or slaving over essay questions, I've been... well.... digging holes in my yard. Photos will follow. In the meantime, I've finally finished another project, related to this. I was elected/selected/volunteered ---probably due to the fact that I had the biggest, bulkiest camera--- to gather up all of the photos the gang took of our little jaunt, burn them all to CD, and redistribute them. I did that, going through well over a thousand pictures, and had a grand old time doing it. *So* much fun, in fact, that I went ahead and created a little video from the best photos for the two members of the gang who don't have computers (can you believe it? There are people in this day and age who aren't wired up???). The hardest part was learning to burn a DVD playable on a television. My incredible and extensive computer skills didn't prepare me for the amount of cussing needed to make DVD's that work on *all* players. For some reason, my DVD's will not play on my fancy machine in the living room, but work just great on the $5 garage sale machine in the bedroom. Go figure. The full video on DVD is about a half hour long, but here is just a short selection. Hope you enjoy.
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