Published on June 24 2008

Received this in email this morning:
FROM THE DESK OF THE DIRECTOR Murphy Oil Company Ltd. Level 26, Tower 2 PETRONAS Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MALAYSIA +60 166549412 ATTN: APPLICANT INTERNATIONAL EXPATRIATE OFFICIAL JOB ONLINE INTERVIEW Your name has been shortlisted/Choosen among the Lucky expatriates who submitted the CV to the MALAYSIA ONLINE JOB ,before we will issue you the Success Letter and the Contract Document You have to fill the following informations and send it back to us Full Names City: State: Country: Zipcode: Sex: Phone: AGE: MARITAL STATUS: Get back to me as soon as possible.
Gee. I thought I had already included all of my personal info on my "application". And I can't wait to go to Malaysia... it will be an honor to work for a Company whose products I use ALL the time, lol. I sure wish the spammers would find somebody else to pick on.

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