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Published on June 3 2008

The roar of hollow patriotism - St. Petersburg Times
Three-hundred thousand bikers spent Memorial Day weekend roaring around Washington in tribute to our war dead, and I stood on Constitution Avenue Sunday afternoon watching a river of them go by, waiting for a gap in the procession so I could cross over to the Mall and look at pictures. The street had been closed off for them and they motored on by, some flying the Stars and Stripes and the black MIA-POW flag, honking, revving their engines, an endless celebration of internal combustion.
Man, oh man.... go away for a few days and miss *all* the fun. Seems that over Memorial Day, Garrison Keillor had his peaceful visit to *our* Nation's Capitol disturbed by a bunch of noisy motorcycles driven by "fat men with ponytails". Celebration of internal combustion, indeed. What a dork. I was not one of the 300,000 noisy bikers Keillor saw, since I was exploring the country that many of those fat men on motorcycles, those "hollow patriots", were asked to fight for. Instead, on Memorial Day this year, *my* gang stopped at a small park just over the border into Maine, to rest and to pay a little tribute to this day. Sorry I'm late.
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