Getting there... and hopefully *back*

Published on May 22 2008

View Larger Map Stupid Google maps is not behaving, so I'm only getting *part* of the route, and then it completely disappears when I zoom in on it. It's pretty easy, though. Just go East until you hit ocean. Then eat lobster. *Lots* of lobster. Escanaba Sault Ste. Marie, MI (where we leave the Motherland) Sudbury, Ont. Rolphton, Ont. Ogdensburg, NY (where hopefully they let us back *into* the country) Canton, NY Champlain, NY (I'm looking forward to the drive down the lake) Chimney Corner, Vt. Montpelier, Vt. Jefferson, NH Bethel, ME East Newport, ME Bar Harbor, ME Kennebunkport, ME (will wave "hi" to the Bush family) Swiftwater, NH Duxbury, Vt. Westport, NY Saranac, NY Sacketts Harbor, NY Irondequoit, NY Niagara Falls, NY Aylmer, Ont. ......and up the lower Peninsula of Michigan to the Big Mack and west to home. My butt already hurts thinking about it. I can't wait!!! I'll try to post pics along the way, if possible; but don't hold yer breath. There will be lots of things to show when I get back. See ya in 10 days!! UPDATE: My #($*% map may not be working, but I'll try to make sure I stand next to these when I see them. Keep an eye out.

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