Dusting off the Bobcat sweatshirt

Published on April 30 2008

I have been presented with a set of tickets. A little celebration, I guess you'd say. Even though this is my "school band"; even though they've performed in the area dozens of times, even though one of the members lives only about thirty miles away from me... I have never seen America perform live. Sunday night, I finally get to do just that. The real kicker is that I'm scheduled to work a twelve-hour shift beginning 2:30 Monday morning-- I forsee a more-or-less useless Laurie that day. Photos may have to wait a day or so. This sure beats getting a dollar for every "A" in school!! Here they are, in performance with my *other* great Seventies musical love, doing one of my favorite songs:
"Only the Beginning"
But this is how I remember them from back in the olden days of the Seventies... I think I may have even seen this particular performance on the Midnight Special back then. I probably even clapped.
Sister Golden Hair
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