Grumble, grumble redux

Published on April 27 2008

The paper is done and turned in. Since I think it's only *slightly* lousy instead of just completely awful, this probably means I'll only get a C on it. 85 credits down, 35 to go.. Next up-- after "Spring Break" :-D
SS411 Comparative Political Systems 3 Semester Hours Course Description Introduces major theoretical approaches to the comparative study of politics. The student applies these approaches to government institutions, the policy-making process, political participation, economic structures and social change for both state and non-state actors.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At least it quit snowing, hehehe. Maybe I'll get to practice my "shoveling" technique on the golf course after all!!

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M have the right attitude going on there young lady. Me, I've been playing off and on for 30+ years, and still can't break 100.