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Published on April 7 2008

Geez. Maybe it's a GOOD thing that Mr. Tom from the last post was too busy showing off for the ladies to pay any attention to me! Postal workers attacked by wild turkeys - Yahoo News
MADISON, Wis. - Rather than rain or snow, or even dogs, postal workers in a West Side neighborhood near Owen Conservation Park are being pestered by wild turkeys this spring. ....Lobner said the behavior is clearly tied to the breeding season, which started recently and runs through about mid-May. Color plays an important role in turkey breeding, he said, with the color of the males head during mating season changes from gaudy blue to white to red. Lobner speculated that perhaps the turkeys are attracted to the red, white and blue postal trucks.
Hmmm, remind me not to wear my red&white Tshirt and blue jeans while walking.
Postal workers were armed with water pistols. But Lober said that, while the squirts of water worked for a while, the turkeys now seem accustomed to it.
I will NOT comment on the use of water pistols in fending off turkeys in the mood for love. No. I just won't.

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