Published on March 7 2008

Checking in [again] on the just-finished class to see if grades are in, I find this on the front page/ announcements section:
The best term paper this term, and perhaps the best I have ever gotten for MH 403, was by [yours truly] on American domestic life in the Cold War. She drew my attention to literature I was not familiar with including at least one article which I will use in future versions of this course. She showed how Americans reacted to the bomb and how that changed over time, how Americans were mobilized and mobilized themselves, how the ideology and circumstances of the Cold War shaped family values.
I'm just shaking here; I cn baerly type. I could have flunked the course and still been excited!!

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Hehehehe... I'd think about posting it if I wasn't still convinced that it's very far from "good work". Maybe it was what he was looking for, but what I see is disorganized, blocky concepts that don't relate. I think it was a fair first draft, but that's about it.
I was still excited, though.
Congrats! Just don't walk down any dark alleys! Your classmates might not appreciate the standard you set!

Very well done, Laur! You oughta post it.
Hey, Luck had nothing to do with it. That was a planned calculated comment! It's ironic though that our kids have no idea what the cold war was even about, or what it was like to live with the threat nuclear war. It almost seems unreal in retrospect.
You don't know how lucky you are that you added "along with the rest of us", kid brother!!

your mean 'ole big sister

P.S. Thank you
Great Job Laur!
Besides, you not only wrote about it, you lived a good portion of it along with the rest of us.