Published on March 6 2008

Life in Wisconsin just took a break for the press conference, carried live on probably every single station in the state. Those of us who weren't already crying in our cheese curds shed a few during Favre's emotional goodbye. It sure was a fun run, wasn't it?

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Oh yes, I saw him play in person quite a few times. I didn't get to a game this year, but I've been able to get one set per year of tickets from a relative who has season tix. Since Lambeau is sold out till the end of the century, that's about the only way to see a game.

(Favorite in-person Packer moment: Yancy Thigpen of the Steelers dropping a 4th-down end zone pass with no time left, sending the Pack to the playoffs on Christmas Eve of.... '95? '96? He dropped it about 20 yards away from me, and I've never heard such a roar come out of a crowd before. It was a
*great* Christmas present!)

I was always surprised to see how *big* Favre is in person. Not quite linebacker size, but he is a big guy.
did you ever get a chance to see him play in-person ?