Easiest Comedy Routine *Ever*

Published on March 4 2008

Those of us in Cheese-land are calling everyone we know seeking consolation. I even woke up a friend in California to break the sad news. Her response? Completely out of character. Also completely unprintable on a family website. So. Trying to heal my broken heart, still reeling from the terrible tragic news of the morning, I opened my email to find a link from buddy Syl. Go ahead. I dare you to not laugh along with the guy in the middle. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.

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I would normally be rolling on the floor from watching this. However, because I live in the backwoods south, I meet people like the bus driver everyday. Heuh, Heuh Heuh.... Just to show you how backwoods, There were five local fire fighters just arrested for Arson. Seems they were setting fires and driving back to the station and calling the fire in so they could race to the fire in thier brand new fire truck. I think they liked being fireman a little to much.