It *is* going to be MY YEAR

Published on February 8 2008

Yes, folks, I am a Rat, according to Chinese Horrorscopy placemat I read the last time I went to a Chinese buffet. And since it is now the year of the Rat, I figured I'd go look up my beady-eyed little furry alter ego.
… THE RELENTLESS RAT Determined when he or she wants something, the Rat will work hard to get it. Rats are also very conscious and measured around money. But under their calm, charming veneer, aggression may be lurking. The Rat uses intellectual power for critical decision-making and is a mastermind when it comes to small details. Practical, but sometimes lacking vision and courage, the Rat can block his or her success because of greed and conservatism. Inner fear makes Rats unpredictable -- so don't let their charm fool you.
A mastermind of small details? Me??? Gotta say I've never been accused of that before!! :-))
The Rat survives in ways no other signs does. He always finds a way to get out of trouble, as he applies his mind to every detail. Perfectionist as the Rat tends to be, it is hard to stay friends with a Rat for very long. Rats have great insights and are very telepathic, but in the end they may be lonely … because the Rat never completely trusts anyone. They create magic when they love you but become paranoid and suspicious when they stop trusting you.
We Rats don't sound all too lovable, do we? In fact, we are sorta....ratty. So. Moving on to my predictions for the year:
February 7, 2008 - January 25, 2009 Year of the Earth Rat The year of the Rat should be a cautious one for Rats, who may find the year is a mixed bag for them. The year is most favorable for Career-related endeavors - the General Star and Tang Fu star that are present in the Rats Life Palace indicate opportunities for career advancement such as a promotion, a pay rise or an increase in responsibilities. However, this will not fall into your lap - you will have to go all out to secure your own advancement. There are three negative stars in the Rats Life Palace this year, specifically the Sword Edge Star, the Fly Blade Star and the Hidden Door Star. These stars indicate personal injury and accidents - thus, it is wise to exercise extra precaution on the sports field, and also whilst traveling. If you work in a job with a high level of occupational hazard, such as handling sharp weapons or machinery, it is wise to be extra cautious.
Great. No sports, travel, or working with machinery. Think I can use that excuse to get out of work the rest of the week?

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