Shiver Me Timbers

Published on January 2 2008

Mad will be happy to know that Winter has finally arrived in south Georgia. The low tonight is 18 degrees. That's RAW 18 degrees without wind chill calculated in. Now for those of you not familiar with what 18 degrees does to the southern states, by comparison it would be like -20F to Wisconsin. In other words it might as well be zero degrees on the Kelvin scale because all activity as we know it here in the south will cease. All we need now is snow! Boy that would really liven things up around here!  Overnight: Clear, with a low around 18. North northwest wind around 5 mph. Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 46. Wind chill values as low as 13 early. North northwest wind between 5 and 10 mph.

Written by kidbrudder

Published on #Pics and Babbling, #wisconsin

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P.S. It's -6F here right now. Think I might put on a coat to take the youngster to school.<br /> <br /> :-P
Let's see--we occasionally hit 100 degrees up here and -40 once in awhile, so let's say we have a 140 degree spread.<br /> <br /> Sounds like the score of a Packer game! ;-)<br /> <br /> South GA, if I remember right, gets to 20 degrees once in 100 years. On the other hand, you hit the temperature of the surface of the sun for most of the summer.<br /> <br /> Should I send a box of mittens? Or would you rather go swimming?