Published on December 24 2007

Well, now that I have the snow (more or less) blown away, and Big Bertha is back in the stable until the next blizzard, I can finally answer this question. I have not a clue how much snow we actually got. It blew around so hard that the groundcover ranges anywhere from 2 or 3 inches to 2 or 3 feet. Take a look at RustyBird parked in the drive between the houses. Yes, some of the snow on the passenger side is snow I pushed off the roof of the car, but most of it is drift.
That's easily a 3-foot drift. And it goes all the way through the backyard to the garage like that. My garbage cans were completely buried. A little shot of the front of the house, looking across the street. You'll notice the plows went through and buried my front walk. Again.
I think I'll just make visitors climb the snowbank. It'll give them a taste of the north. ;-)

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