Chavez writes a new chapter in the History of Foreign Policy

Published on November 15 2007

And take a guess at the title of the Chapter? "Playground Politics for Grownups". Or how about "Put on Your Big Boy Pants, Hugo"? Now I wish I hadn't written the term paper on Containment. Chavez-watching just makes the writing so easy. - Chavez Demands Spanish King Juan Carlos Apologize for Verbal Slap, Hints Investments Could Be at Risk
CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez is not about to turn the other cheek after a catching a verbal slap from Spanish King Juan Carlos last weekend. The fiery leftist leader of Venezuela all but openly warned Spain that his country doesnt need Spanish investment, and that he expects the king to offer an immediate apology. "The king lost it," Chavez said at a political rally late Tuesday night. "He should say, ... I, the king, confess, I was beside myself, I made a mistake. " The international incident took place last Saturday at a political summit in Chile, during which time the king interrupted a Chavez name-calling rant by leaning across the conference table and yelling, "Why dont you just shut up?" Chavez again spoke about the incident during a news conference Wednesday, repeating his demand for an apology, while offering a veiled threat of retribution. "He disrespected me, and he was laid bare before the world in his arrogance and also his impotence," Chavez told reporters. "We dont want this to become a political crisis."
Impotence? Sigh.... On Page Two of the "I Can Has President?" manual, it clearly states:
"The best way to cause a political crisis is to go for the 'nads."
On Page Three, we read:
"Hugo. Why don't you just shut up?"

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Sometimes I can manage to stay within the bounds of political correctness, but.... well... you know me and that tendency to spit out exactly what pops into the little peabrain.

"Oooh, did I say that out loud?" is probably the phrase that I use most. Followed immediately by "Wait. Let me try that again...."

It's so awesome when someone like King Jaun Carlos just spits out what everyone else wants to say but can't because of the PC police!