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Published on September 23 2007

MANTECAL, Venezuela - Hugo Chavez is driving across the plains of Venezuela, raving about a Hollywood film in which the enslaved hero rises up to challenge the emperor of Rome. "'Gladiator' — What a movie! I saw it three times," the president tells an Associated Press reporter traveling with him in a Toyota 4Runner, along with his daughter and a state governor. "It's confronting the empire, and confronting evil. ... And you end up relating to that gladiator." The parallel is unstated but clear. To Chavez, the United States is the empire, and he is the protagonist waging an epic struggle to bring justice to the oppressed of Venezuela and the world.
Oh yeah. I can see the resemblance immediately.
Need I say more? Nah, let's just gaze at Russell for awhile, shall we?

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Couldn't tell by me. I'm still drooling over Russell Crowe in the gladiator uniform.<br /> <br /> (It's the accent. Gets me every time.)
I think a more acurate comparison would be of a little Austrain fellow in the 1920s-1930s who rose to power in Germany and eventually through his ambitious self rightiousness caused the incalcuable destruction of millions of in Europe. Hugo is heading down the same path. I think his name is an adjective for his ego. HUGO!