On losing my best friend

Published on September 21 2007

Rudy tells me exactly what he thinks of me for having certain of his body parts removed, fore and aft:
I'm hoping he'll talk to me again when his paws and his.... ahem.... are all healed up. Right now, he's ignoring me mightily, refusing to even play with his beloved catnip mouse.

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The "fixing" part doesn't seem to bother him. Right now, the poor little guy's feet hurt, though; and that's what makes me feel like an old meanie.<br /> <br /> On the other hand (har, har "hand", get it?).... on the other hand, Rudy's feet haven't touched the ground since he got home, because he gets CARRIED everywhere!
Oh the humiliation. We had both our cats done and they looked at us as if to say "I know you did this to me". They get over it though. LOL