I hear a rumble....

Published on September 13 2007

It's here--the biggest event of the year for this little town, rivaled only by our great Independence Day celebrations. It's the 26th Annual Fall Ride, both a celebration of the end of summer and a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The ride raised nearly $150,000 dollars last year! Last year's event also brought about 45,000 riders to the area, so yes, the low rumble is considerable. We're just not used to this!! So what do we do at this little event?
    Well, we got yer street dances and bonfires. We got yer Poker runs. We got yer Harley Plant tours and stunt motorcycle shows. We got yer Harley Demo rides--I plan to go drool on the Fat Bob. Saw one in Marquette last week and promptly fell in love. That flat paintjob and low chrome look gets me every time. And those tires, wow!! We got the Harley Traveling Museum, which is going to be replaced shortly by this. We got yer Thunder Parade. We got all the vendors you can imagine, selling everything from leather to tshirts to chrome goodies. We got Sammy Kershaw tonight and 38 Special tomorrow night at Bubba's Big Party. We got yer raffle bikes, a 2007 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Second place is a 2007 Harley-Davidson 883 Custom. (By the way, the Ultra? I already have the winning ticket. Just FYI.) And we have more gorgeous custom motorcycles to see in town than anywhere else in the Midwest.
In short, we got yer fun. Pics will follow over the next couple of days. KB, we're going to get you on two wheels yet! ;-)

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"Fall ride"....hehehehe. I heard another rumble, that they're going to change the name of the rally (again) to call it the "Tomahawk Rally". Why, I have no idea--most of the locals still refer to it as "Colorama" (the original name).

I am so pooped. And windburned. And now I have a pair of chaps. Do I look like a dork in those things, lol!!!! It feels like I'm putting a FRAME around the big butt.

I feel like I'm in full body armor when I get on Precious, but I have to admit they cut down on the chill. And considering it was 23 degrees yesterday morning, cutting down on windchill is a *good* thing.

Will post up a couple of pictures tonight, although I really didn't take that many.

Plan on next September! :-D
Hey Mad,
I just came back from drooling over my buddy's 2001 RoadKing. Yellow on white and in immaculate condition. I am sure that I will buy a RoadKing. I rides beautiful and I love the way it looks. I hope to have one by next years Fall Ride. Fall Ride, isn't that sort of an oxymoron?