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Published on August 14 2007

Hey Kidbrudder; Don't these guys announce a reunion/tour/album like, every other month or so? A good question, but not the most important question.... Gonna get tickets???? Van Halen & David Lee Roth announce tour
With its flamboyant frontman, "Diamond Dave," Van Halen was one of the most popular rock bands of the 1980s. But the group split up in 1985 and the original lineup hasn't performed together since. "I'm shocked any of us are still vertical," Roth quipped.

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Lol, I never got the Steve Perry thing myself, even though I liked their music. He wasn't exactly the type I'd drool over.

But that's just me. ;-)

Funny, I thought it was bad when my 70's music was referred to as "oldies"; but it just about kills me to hear 80's and early 90's music called "classic rock".

Hand me my cane, dammit!
Yea, it seems they have had a hard time keeping Eddie's head together long enough to plan the concert tour. Unfortunately, the closest arean they will be playing to me is Charlotte NC which is the opener for the tour. Good luck trying to get tickets for that one. I would love to see Diamond Dave sailing across the stage on a rope singing "Jump". I missed it all in the 80's and I think this might be my last chance. I also hear Journey is contemplating a reunion tour with Steve Perry. The first 50 rows will probably be all women if he fronts the Band. Tell me the 80's weren't awesome when all these bands are still in demand.