Phone call

Published on July 23 2007

My cellphone rings at work, during this brutal 72-hour work week. (If I ever again agree to work this much OT, somebody please slap me upside the head. Please?) I didn't recognize the number, but picked up anyway since I'm waiting on a couple of important calls related to MONEY. This wasn't one of them. "Hello." "Hello. Dolly?" Resisting the impulse to do my best Louis Armstrong imitation, I managed to mumble "Ummmm, sorry, there's nobody here by that name". "Don't you recognize me? This is your sister-in-law! Isn't this 715-xxx-xxxx? " "Yes, the number is right, but there's nobody here by that name. Sorry." "Well, that's funny, this is the number she gave me. Sorry to have bothered you." Five minutes later, the cell rings again. "Dolly?" "Sorry, ma'am, Dolly isn't at this number. The number she gave you is still wrong." Click! Guess I shouldn't have told her that her number was "right" the first time. Sigh.... I swear, it wasn't two minutes later that the phone rang a third time. I let the voicemail pick it up this time, so that she could hear the message. After making a couple of observation rounds, I returned to my booth to find that this woman had called my voicemail not once, not twice, but three more times hoping to find Dolly. I wonder how she does when it comes time to operate a VCR?

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"Hello, Hello". "Is the the party to whom I am Speaking?"<br /> Famous Lilly Tomlin Quotes.