Just a little something to knock Harry Potter out of the "Most Important News of the Day" slot

Published on July 21 2007

Cheney assumes power as Bush undergoes colonoscopy - Yahoo News
WASHINGTON AFP - US Vice President Richard Cheney has taken over the reins of power as President George W. Bush undergoes a "routine colonoscopy" at the Camp David retreat, the White House confirmed Saturday. Cheney assumed the role as acting president at 7:16 am 1116 GMT, when letters from Bush were faxed to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, just behind Cheney in the line of succession to the presidency, and top-ranking senator Robert Byrd, informing them of the handover under the US Constitutions 25th amendment.

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Well, all these spoilers got out on the internet, but it turns out they were a decoy! <br /> <br /> Anyway, I am three HP books behind and don't feel like reading, but we did see the newest movie tonight.
So. Who dies? Harry? Ron? Hermione?<br /> <br /> I've been listening to the news ALL DAY and I still don't know.<br /> <br /> Just kidding.
Good to see our media has its priorities in order. President gets butt probed. Film at 11. Next up, a fictional boy wizard!