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Published on July 7 2007

Now that the excitement over trying to BURN DOWN MY HOUSE is's back to this floor. Vacation is running out, and I *really* need to finish this before I start night shift. Not much gets accomplished when I'm working nights and trying to sleep days. So here I am on hands and knees, blocksanding down (240 grit!!) before the final finish. Sometimes I think I should have just paid the 2 grand to have somebody else do this for me. Next time.
Besides, I need something to keep me out of the way while the cleaning and restoration crew is here working on the kitchen. I feel so *pampered* having somebody else clean my house, even though I keep wondering what they think when they open up those top cabinets that may not have been opened since about 1993. *I* don't even know what's up there in some of them!! I imagine the pampered feeling will end screech to a halt when I am presented with the bill, but... oh well. It's still fun to have somebody else cleaning my house, and I'm going to enjoy sitting, watching, and eating bon-bons while I can.

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NOBODY touches my feet. I'm sorta.... well.... ahem.... ticklish. REALLY ticklish. And I'm a girl, so I kick, too.<br /> <br /> It was fun to watch them clean, but I got bored and wandered off. When I came back awhile later, I walked into the kitchen to find the one cleaning lady washing, get this.... plastic disposable cups! I said oh no, please don't wash those, just throw them out! I couldn't believe it--these were one step above dixie cups and certainly not worth WASHING.<br /> Turns out their rule is to clean *everything*. I think I'll hide the kitten when they come back.
Maybe it will be a team of strapping handsome young men. And maybe they'll toss in a pedicure as a bonus!